(AWS Certified Cloud Architect - Associate, PMP, PSM, Scaled Agile)
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Professional Summary

Hands-On Technology Lead and Enterprise Software Architect with 15 years of industry experience in leading technology strategy and enterprise architecture to desired business outcomes. Over 8 years of experience in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, with hands-on expertise in designing architecture, deployment and migration of on-premises applications to AWS Cloud. Industry experience includes architecting and building complex business solutions for Conferencing, Telecommunications, Pro-Audio, Finance/Trading, Service Delivery and Software Industry.

- Establishing enterprise architectural strategy and roadmap that enables a portfolio to support current and future business capabilities.

- Developing architectural practices from the ground up, establishing principles, standards, processes and artifacts that brought up “built in quality” practices, better system performances, improved ability to innovate and scale.

- Understanding and communicating architectural vision and roadmap to systems and solutions teams and non-technical stakeholders.

- Participation in planning, definition and high-level design of the solution and exploration of solution alternatives.

- Expert in migrating enterprise software from on-premise to public/private/hybrid cloud. 5 years of experience in Migration of SIP based VoIP and Pro-audio applications and work flows to public/private/hybrid cloud.

- Hands-on experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning with IaC using AWS CLIs and CloudFormation Template and AWS services like EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, VPC, EBS, etc

- 8 Years of experience in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Migrated real time and near real time enterprise software from on premise to cloud.

- Promoting continuous integration and delivery pipeline and DevOps capabilities. Expert in implementing AWS CodePipeline and OpsWorks.

- Collecting, analyzing and defining innovative ideas and technologies. Driving technical initiatives that support product roadmaps and vision across the business.

- Server and desktop virtualization expert on VMware ESXi - Linux and Windows Platforms.

- Expert in designing and architect application integration from on premise systems to cloud/SaaS systems with strong focus on SOA, security, time to market, availability and scalability

Organizational Experience

Shure Inc: Enterprise Software Architect                                  Sept 2016 – Current


Migrate Scalability and Performance Analysis from on-premise to AWS:
Migrate and automate the Scalability and Performance analysis of Shure’s Software portfolio from on-premise to AWS.
Technology: AWS - CodePipeline, CloudFormation, SSM, EC2, SecurtyGroups, AMI, VPC with public and private subnet, VPC Endpoints, Bastion Host.

- Project lead for the migration of On-Premises Software scalability and performance analysis infrastructure to AWS.

- Collaborated with IT and devops to device the migration strategy with keeping in mind the Five Pillars of well architected framework.

- Created the AWS resource naming conventions and consistent tagging strategy with multi-account architecture.

- Hands-on: implemented the code-pipelines and CloudFormation templates.

- Served as an advisor to the IT to formulate IAM roles and policies for the project.

Intellimix-Room - DSP in A .Zip (Awarded “Best of show” at ISE 2020):

Intellimix Room is a state-of-the-art fully optimized software-based audio processing for videoconferencing. It deploys directly in-room PCs with all the DSP blocks (AEC, NR and AGC) bridging the gap between IT and AV.

Technology: C++, C# .NET Core, Entity Framework 6, Linq, SQLite, JavaScript Electron, Windows 10, Flexera, Mixpanel Analytics, easylogging++, WMI, TPCI, ACN, DMP-TCP, Virtual Audio Driver, Dante, Powershell, Jenkins

- Took over the IMX-Room project in its adolescence stage and performed various feasibility studies and POCs to give it a formal structure to take it to the next stage of development.

- Conducted market survey by visiting and interviewing various client’s IT and AV department leaders, understanding the need for a Software DSP product to bridge the gap between IT and AV.

- Initiated the project, wrote technical requirements, lead architectural discussions and prepared architecture documents for BRT team.

- Lead the team discussion to achieve performance measurements. Performed innovative POCs for latency measurements. Implemented resource and latency monitoring service in Room PC.

- Lead the discussion to port Windows based IMX-Room to MAC OSX and Linux, identifying the challenges and formulating the action plan to tackle them.

- Collaborated with System Verification team to come up with testing scenarios and provided guidance on how to test IMX-Room functionality and its performance.


- Lead the scalability and performance testing to identify bottlenecks in the Conference Work Bench ecosystem.

- Reduced the discovery time of 1000 devices by 50% and improved the pagination and metering by 30%.

- Integrated the Scalability testing in CI/CT framework to run the tests with daily smoke tests.

- Added ELK pipelines to gather analytics on the scalability data and identified several bottlenecks and proposed solutions to improve the systems performance by more than 40%.

Serverless – IoT:

Technology: MQTT, Python, Serverless Framework, AWS, Losant.

- Performed POC to demonstrated serverless execution of SystemOn workflows on Cloud. Lead the POC to add multi-tenancy with different users and roles.

Intellimix-Enterprise - Virtual DSP Appliance:

Technology: VMWare vSphere 6.x, vCenter, vCLIs, vmtools, Chef, Puppet, Nagios, NGINX, Dante Virtual Soundcard, C++, Python, SIP, RTP.

- Created a technology roadmap for DSP open architecture which can be scaled from Room PC to highly available server-based enterprise solution.

- Successfully demonstrated highly available DSP application running as a Virtual Appliance with acceptable latency (6-10 ms) that can be scaled vertically and horizontally up to 512 channels.

- Developed scalable IMX-Enterprise Prototype demonstrating VM features such as redundancy (HA), load balancing, and ease of deployment.

Analytics and Monitoring with ElasticSearch on AWS:

Technology: ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kiabana, Elastalert, AWS, SNS, Filebeat, Powershell

- Developed various server-side data processing pipelines to ingest data from multiple applications running in SV Lab and customer sites.

- Collaborated with IT and SV teams to implement a continuous log ingestion pipeline, log monitoring and alerting on ELK stack running on AWS.

AI/ML Log Anomaly Detection:

Technology: TensorFlow, AWS SageMaker, Python, C++

- Took initiative to perform log analysis and use AI/ML Anomaly Detection using Tensor Flow engine and AWS SageMaker.

- Lead the discussions to improve logging in various applications so that logs collected are consistent across all the applications, precise and informative to improve the Anomaly Detection performance.

Alexa Enabled Devices:

Technology: C++, AVS, AWS, wake word detection, MING64, Windows 10, Ubuntu

- Lead the POC and feasibility studies to convert conferencing microphones to Alexa enabled smart microphones.

- Acting as a technology advisor to convert the POC to a marketable product.

IPC Systems: Systems Architect – R&D, Trading Services               July 2012 – Sept 2016


Migrate Multi-Tenanted Enterprise Data Center VoIP Enterprise Solution to Hybrid Cloud

Unigy is a unified, integrated platform for trading communications and applications. Beyond just a soft switch, Unigy is a SOA based platform for management, resiliency and security. This initiative is to virtualize Unigy and provide the services on Private/Hybrid cloud as SaaS so traders can communicate with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Technology: Oracle Communications Converged Application Server, Java EE-SIP-IMS, RTP, AudioCodecs: G711uLaw, aLaw, 729a/b, G722, Kafka, Zookeeper, Eclipse, RHEL, OpenSIPS, SIPP

- Participated in technical presentations, architecture design discussions, competitive displacement, proof-of-concept engagements, solution demonstrations, and technical workshops.

- Leverage VMWare HA and fault tolerance along with in-house developed HA functionality to provide 99.99% highly available SLA.

- Designed and implemented server-side NAT solution for VoIP call flows using SIP and RTP Proxies along with STUN/TURN/ICE.

- Performance Evaluation of Unigy Enterprise on vSphere 6.0, bandwidth utilization calculation and CPU and RAM optimization for VoIP calls with up to 800 channels per VM.

- Designed downtime free software and hardware upgrades and backup and restore procedures.

- Implemented monitoring solution using Nagios Environment with active and passive checks.

Virtualization – Enterprise VoIP solution:

Technology: VMWare vSphere 6.x, vCenter, vCLIs, vmtools, Chef, Puppet, Nagios, NGINX

- Refine technical requirements functional, non-functional and operational requirements based on business needs, demand, and growth patterns.VM Characterization of Call Manager, Media Server and Database server to ensure the optimum usage of CPU, RAM and Storage


Technology: TLS 1.2, key exchange algorithms (RSA), message authentication code sha-256

- Lead the R&D SIP Security feasibility efforts for the Unified Communication software with TLS and SRTP.

- Evaluated performance and capacity impact on the product with the introduction of Secure SIP and SRTP.

Voice Quality Monitoring and Alerting:

- Lead the project and product development of voice quality and voice recording application systems within the SIP based unified communication product. Recommended settings and thresholds for audio QoS, jitter, delay or latency, packet loss to monitor and raise voice quality alerts.

Aumtech:  Senior Technical lead – IVR Systems                                Dec 2006 – July 2012


IVR Server and Video Conferencing Capabilities:

Technology: C++, RHEL, SIP, RTP, H323, H264, FFMPEG, eXOSIP, Ortp, Asterisks PBX, Cisco GW, nuance speech recognition and synthesis.

- Lead the project and product development of IVR system with video conferencing. Applying agile/scrum methodology to deliver the best quality product based on best practices.

VXML2.0 Browser with VXI3.0

Technology: C++, RHEL, VoiceXML

- Recommended the execution plan for efficiency, architecture and design improvements within and outside the execution of current IVR applications.

MRCP Connector for Microsoft Speech Server

Technology: C#, MRCP, RTP, Speech recognition, Speech Synthesis

- Held the role of architect for MRCP Connector for Microsoft Speech Server 2007 development and upgrade for a leading Interactive Voice Response Companies.

ARC Systems: Software Development Engineer                                 Jan 2005 – Dec 2006

SRGS DTMF Parser for VXML 2.0

Technology: C++, RHEL, VoiceXML, SRGS, DTMF RFC 2833

- Held the role of Lead Developer for SRGS Parser used with VoiceXML to parse the DTMF grammars and recognize the DTMF inputs.

Education and Certifications

- Certifications: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Certified SAFe Agile Practitioner, Scrum Master and PMP
- MS, Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, USA
- Teachers Assistance for Object Oriented Programming using C++ (Graduate) at Syracuse University.
- BE, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, SATI, Vidisha, India.