On-Demand : pay as you go

  • Short workload, predictable pricing
  • Linux - billing per second after the first minute
  • All other OS (Win) - billing per hour
  • Highest Cost but no up front payment
  • No long term commitment
  • Recommended for short term and uninterrupted workloads, where you can't predict how the application will behave.

Reserved (1 Year or 3 Years)

  • Long Workload, upto 75% discount compared to On-Demand
  • Convertible : can change the EC2 type. long workload with flexible instances
  • Scheduled : eg. every Thursday between 9 to 5
  • Reserved period : 1 year and 3 years
  • Purchasing options: no upfront | partial upfront | all upfront
  • Recommended for steady-state usage applications (think DB)

Spot Instances

  • Short workloads, cheap, can lose instances (less reliable)
  • Recommended for : batch jobs, data analysis, image processing, distributed load
  • workloads with flexible start and end time

Dedicated Host

  • Book an entire physical server with EC2 instance capacity fully dedicated to your use., control instance placement
  • Recommended for eg. compliance requirements and reduced cost in server bound licensing.
  • 3 yr period reservation

Dedicated Instances

  • Instances running on hardware dedicated to you
  • May share hardware with other instances in same account
  • No control over placement (can move hardware after stop/start)
  • per instance billing
  • No visibility to sockets, cores, host id
  • No targeted instance placement.

Main Instance Types

  • R: RAM
  • C: CPU / Compute
  • M: Medium between RAM and CPU
  • I: good I/O
  • G: GPU - Video rendering /ML
  • T2/T3: Burstable instance
  • T2/T3 : unlimited burst