Global Application

  • A global application is an application deployed in multiple geographies
  • On AWS: this could be Regions and /or Edge Locations
  • Decreased latency:

— Latency is the time it takes for a network packet to reach a server

— It takes time for a packet from Asia to reach the US

— Deploy your applications closer to your users to decrease latency, better experience

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)

— If an AWS region goes down (earthquake, storms, power shutdown, politics .

— You can fail-over to another region and have your application still working

— A DR plan is important to increase the availability of your application

  • Attack protection: disturbed global infrastructure is harder to attack at once

Amazon Route 53

  • Route 53 is a managed DNS (Domain name System)
  • DNS is a collection of rules and records which helps client understand how to reach a server through URLs

— eg. A Record: => == IPv4 address

— eg. AAAA Record: => IPv6

— eg. CNAME: => == host name to host name mapping

— eg. Alias: => AWS resource == Alias (ex. ELB, CloudFront, S3, RDS etc)

Route 53 Routing Policy:

  • Simple Routing policy with no health checks
  • Weighted Routing Policy with health checks - Load balancing
  • Latency Routing Policy : based on location latency
  • Failover Routing Policy - Disaster Recover


  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Improves read performance, content is cached at the edge, thus improves user experience
  • 216 Point of Presence globally (edge locations)
  • DDoS protection, integration with Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall
  • It can cache from

— S3 Bukcet :

  1. For distributing files and caching them at the edge
  2. Enhanced security with CloudFront Origin Access Identity (OAI)
  3. CloudFront can be used as an ingress (to upload files to S3)

— Custom Origin (HTTP)

  1. Application Load Balancer
  2. EC2 instance
  3. S3 website
  4. Any HTTP backend you want

S3 Transfer Accelerator

  • Increase transfer speed by transferring file to an AWS edge location which will forward the Data to the S3 bucket in the target region

AWS Global Accelerator

  • Improve global application availability and performance using the AWS global network (60% improvement route optimization)
  • 2 Anycast IP (Static) are created for your application and traffic is sent through Edge Location